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gtop main 520x245 - Creating Custom Commands in Unix/Linux 0

Creating Custom Commands in Unix/Linux

Working smart means bringing maximum production from your work. In day to day life, Unix/Linux users encounter some certain set of commands which need to be executed quite frequently. Executing these commands on a regular basis may become quite irritating sometimes. Unix/Linux systems allow us to create custom commands to cope up with this situation. Instead of executing the same set of commands every time, we can put these commands...

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What is SSL Offloading?

What is SSL? SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It is a security protocol for establishing a secure connection between the client (Browser) and server over the internet. SSL protocol encrypts all the traffic exchanged between the client and server. Decryption of traffic happens on both ends. A web request is initiated by the user using SSL protocol all the traffic (packets) sent over the network is in encrypted form until...