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Understanding Output of htop Command

Every Linux administrator and users have must come across the situation where the system has reached its saturation point and it starts consuming all of the resources allocated to it. At this particular time, we wholeheartedly want to identify the processes responsible for consuming such high resource usage. To identify such processes, we have many tools and commands available nowadays, but the best among all is htop. htop allows you to...

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Cut Command Examples and Usage in Linux

Cut command is used to select or remove the sections of text from each line of files. We believe that “cut” command is not being used to its maximum potential.¬† Today, we have come up with tutorial based on cut command and how to use it to maximum potential. Cut command plays a very important role while writing the shell scripts and is a very useful command while fetching the...

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Powerful chattr command usage in Linux

chattr (change attributes), is a powerful command line utility which is used to change the file attributes on a Linux file system. There is a number of benefits which can be obtained fruitfully by adding these advanced attributes to certain file/directories in a Linux file system. Accidentally, Users and Administrators may overwrite, modify or remove some important files on the Linux file system and put themselves in big trouble. Using...