How to setup 2-Factor Authentication for GUI & SSH login | Google Authenticator

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  1. Dmitri Pal says:

    You can do all this centrally for many machines in your environment without storing keys on the local machine. The solution above is nice for a single laptop but does not scale beyond that. You can use SSSD on the client and FreeIPA on the server to do the same at scale. FreeIPA is, well, free and SSSD is a part of every Linux distro nowadays. FreeIPA supports any TOTP/HOTP token which means Google Authenticator, FreeOTP, Yubikey and others.
    Information how to install IPA and SSSD can be found in public Red Hat docs or on Red Hat’s version of FreeIPA is called Identity Management in Red Hat enterprise Linux.

  2. Vikas Munjal says:

    @Dmitri, thanks for educating us all regarding IPA and SSSD. I have found the link very useful.

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